About Me

Henry-during-CarnevaleMy name is Joe Schmoe and I’m a figment of the imagination of Miniature Wargames Editor Henry Hyde. He thinks I’m real, but that’s just the result of his overworked brain being forced to come up with ideas at four in the morning.

Just like Henry, I’m completely nuts about the hobby of wargaming and have given my life and my home over to the pursuit of happiness via the collection of tiny toy soldiers. This makes my other friends think I’m a bit weird, but I say I’m no more peculiar than a person who ruins a perfectly good walk in the countryside by smacking a little white ball with a stick and trying to force it into a little hole in the ground, or another who sits for hours next to a pond to hook a fish and then throws it back. Besides, I don’t have to wear funny clothes, either.

Anyway, in my real life I’m a brain surgeon, and my other car’s a Porsche.


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